Having Sex Lesbians?


What is so find cute ladies in lesbian love if for her they sometimes refuse to have any contact with the representatives of the stronger sex? This is true for several reasons.

1.Lesbian sexual intercourse, mostly oral sex which leads to orgasm twice more often, than at introduction of the penis into the vagina. Yes, many men also have no problem to satisfy your partner with the help of language. But sexologists claim that women are experiencing several different feelings, sometimes leading to psychological frustration;

2.Logical conclusion love games there are no women, how to have sex lesbian can as many. Because they have not the recession comes an erection after having an orgasm. Men, however, reaching the peak of pleasure, in virtue of their physiological characteristics, are not able to continue sexual intercourse;

3.Women, as a rule, caress each other with your fingertips, while men prefer to shake and caress the palm of the body of the partner. To press and to crush him, of course, possible, but these actions do not cause such a reaction, as a gentle touch with fingertips. From them skin women just covered with goosebumps of pleasure;

4.A woman knows what value in satisfaction of the female partner has her Clit. And pays their caresses this place as much attention. And many men have no idea where he is, and that it is necessary to do. And if you have, then caress often rough and clumsy;

5.Lesbians in sex without any hesitation use a variety of sexual devices, vibrators, vacuum Tickler, belt with brogues and so on. Men don't usually allow myself this diversity, believing that it contributes to the appearance of their partner doubts their sexual consistency;

6.Sex lesbian threatens to pregnancy and is not dangerous in terms of STDs. He does not need the use of contraceptives and the observance of other precautions. Men always need to be alert to have on hand a condom, swallow pills, use candles, and so on;

7.Lesbian girls understand each other and know what she wants in a female body. So they unabashedly ask each other any questions, figuring out what your partner likes. This allows both to have sex for maximum pleasure. Men are often embarrassed to talk to a lady at such a Frank themes and content with their own ideas about the female orgasm. But these representations are not always correct.

Well, that's about all the main differences between lesbian loveand normal sex. Lesbian sex may well inspire prone to it woman and make her his true admirer. Well, then, prescribed by nature itself...

In General, according to sexologists, all the people who in one way or another, bisexual. And Chinese medicine is generally believed that bisexuality is a normal phenomenon, establishing a balance between the masculine and feminine energy man. As for lesbian love, then it attracted many of the fairer sex. According to numerous polls, nearly half the ladies aged twenty-five to thirty-five years, I would like to try (if not already tried) to have sex with a woman.

In General, those of the fairer sex, who, in one way or another, are practicing lesbian love can be divided into three groups.

1.Teenage girls from fourteen to nineteen years. This sensitive and expressive young ladies who fell under the influence of the media. They are usually limited to kissing and rather timid caresses, intended in the first place, in order to get attention from guys. Demonstration of lesbian tendencies in these women is similar to the performance on the stage. And most of them from the lesbian caresses not getting any satisfaction and subsequently hardened lesbians do not become;

2.Young women aged twenty to thirty-five years. It is ladies who have already obtained enough experience of sex with men and ready for various experiments in sex. Bright orgasms for them is very important and making love with a member of their own sex, these gay women receive a truly unearthly pleasure;

3.Divorced women older than thirty-five years. This category is lesbian, for the most part, disappointed in the men and did not receive satisfaction from sex with men. They need an emotional release that happens when lesbian games.

All women belonging to these three categories, are not full lesbians. Some of them, having tried lesbian sex once more returned to men, someone chooses a bisexual relationship. One way or another, but the private life of any person — it is only his private life. And if a woman is happy intimacy with another woman, that fact can only be welcomed.


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